KPCC Talks to Occupy LA Protest Hackers

We recently reported about the addition of Tami Abdollah to Tony Pierce’s growing blogger ranks. Last night, Abdollah and station community editor Kim Bui combined for a good look at some debatable tactics this week by Anonymous offshoot @CabinCr3w.

The group aggregated and then posted extensive personal information (home address, campaign contributions, property records, etc.) of several dozen LAPD command personnel, as a way to protest the police’s actions during the clearing out of Occupy LA. However, force commander Andrew Smith says many of those targeted had nothing directly to do with the November 29 maneuver:

Smith said the majority of those listed on site were not involved in clearing the Occupy LA encampment and a few have been retired.

“They’re private citizens trying to live their lives in peace after serving 30 years,” Smith said. “Now somebody throws all their personal information into the public forum. Most of those people were not involved in the Occupy LA clearing… They just got ahold of random police officers, and some random civilians who had nothing to do with that.”

Even though the information compiled by @CabinCr3w is publicly available, the reporters wondered why the group went so far as in some cases to list officer family relative info. A member replied: “The protesters have family that is being effected [sic] by their actions.”

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