Kornheiser-Gate Could Only Happen In August

The ink barrel continues to bleed for Tony Kornheiser

I suppose that this is one way to diffuse the tension in the Post room between, well, everybody and Tony Kornheiser while simultaneously staying true to your obligation to cover the story:

Have a satirist review Kornheiser’s second Monday Night Football outing. That way no one can take anything too seriously, which is probably exactly what this “debate” needs in order to be blunted.

Gene Weingarten watched MNF last night and here’s what he had to say:

    During the opening moments of preseason play between the Cowboys and Saints, Kornheiser observed, matter-of-factly, that it was “five thousand degrees” on the field in Shreveport. Five thousand degrees? It could not have been more than 90. At 5,000 degrees, Tony, steel melts. The entire stadium and everyone in it would have been incinerated — including Kornheiser.

I feel dumber already.

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