San Francisco Media Blogger Rich Lieberman Makes Impressive Radio Debut

Over the years, Bay Area blogger Rich Lieberman has built up an extensive network of local media contacts. That Rolodex and well-earned personal reputation were on full display this past weekend as Lieberman launched a new three-hour Saturday/Sunday call-in radio show on KOMY 1340 AM.

Lieberman’s opening guest was KTVU Channel 2 evening news lead anchor Frank Somerville. The conversation eventually segued to a story the host first broke on his blog – Somerville’s adoption of a black girl:

“I have two daughters, one of whom is adopted… Callie just turned eight, and it is just the greatest thing ever… Every single day, I can look at Callie and think, ‘I made a difference in my own little way.'”

“We didn’t set out to adopt a black child. Callie just happened to be black and we wound up having an interracial family… The comments I got on Facebook were incredible when I posted a photo of Callie… Me wanting to be involved with her hair and taking the braids out I guess just really resonated with people.”

Lieberman other first-weekend guests were ABC 7’s Dan Ashley, Somerville’s KTVU weekend anchor-reporter colleague Ken Wayne and Newstalk 910 AM’s John Rothmann. With more brand names on the way.

“Next weekend, I will be talking with actor Patrick Warburton (Seinfeld, pictured) as well as Alan Colmes, formerly of Hannity & Colmes. Colmes has a new book out, and we’ll also take a look back at the 2012 Presidential election.”

“The show is guest-oriented right now,” he adds. “I wanted to charge it up during the holidays and start with a splash. But in the long run, the zeitgeist of The Rich Lieberman Show is going to be my rants and opines, and talking about those topics with callers.”

And given Barry Manilow‘s recent incongruous gracing of a local World Series telecast and Napa Valley Film Festival Q&A, FishbowlLA suggested the singer as a somewhat more atypical guest possibility. It just so happens Manilow will be in the Bay Area December 6 for a San Jose concert date, so who knows – maybe Lieberman can add him to the opening splash mix as well.

Despite some minor on-air and Internet streaming glitches, the program stands as very impressive and welcome addition to the San Francisco weekend radio airwaves. Thanks to Lieberman’s deep timbre and anecdotal approach, the program is also a throwback to the older days of AM radio.

[Photo of Warburton: DFree/]