Knock Knock Knocking on Corbusier’s Door

A fantastic interview we found by way of Things Magazine over at the site Volume 5 with architect Albert Frey. The most interesting part, and the reason we were primarily drawn to the interview, is when Frey talks about his time working with the famed modernist, relative god-figure, Le Corbusier. Here’s some:

V5: How did you meet him? Did you just walk up and knock on his door?

AF: Yes, that is right. At the time he was so famous that students from all over the world would work there for free, just for the privilege of working with him. At first I did that too, but after a few months I ran out of money. Since he saw that I was productive, he paid me wages. He was impressed that I did not just come in to pick up what I could, but worked eight hours a day or at night when needed.

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