Kirk Douglas Got an iPad for His 100th Birthday

A once daring 'open' marriage now occupies more traditional territory

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Kirk Douglas’ 11th book, released May 2, can be downloaded onto an iPad. Which is perfect symmetry, since that device now plays an important role in his daily routine with wife and co-author Anne.

In both the book, Kirk and Anne: Letters of Love, Laughter, and a Lifetime in Hollywood, and interviews, Anne reveals that she was willing to tolerate her husband’s affairs over the years as long as he was completely open and honest to her about them. She doesn’t use this term, but we like to think of how she so generously navigated being married to a Hollywood A-list superstar as “manogamy.”

As Anne recently explained to USA Today’s Andrea Mandell, when Douglas turned 100 last December, she gave him the gift of a new iPad. Today, the way the couple use their respective Apple devices is thoroughly traditional:

“Every night, we always have what we call our ‘golden hour’ about 6, 6:30 until 7:15 p.m., and then dinner,” says Anne. “And during this golden time, we each have our drink and used to talk about what happened during the day.”

“Nowadays, he takes his iPad that I gave him, I take my iPad, and we both look at CNN or something like that. And we don’t talk!”

She was half-joking, but it’s pretty fun to think of this golden Hollywood couple at the golden hour, trying to make sense (like the rest of us) of what’s being covered on CNN. The Cannes Film Festival played a key role in the initial phase of this long relationship, and heading into this year’s event, THR excerpted a portion of the book about that. It’s great fun to read.

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