Killing Off Living Exhibits at MoMA

Staying in the museum world for a second, we caught this brief, very strange story over at the NY Times. It concerns one of the more unusual showings at the MoMA‘s current “Design for the Elastic Mind,” a piece created by SymbioticA called Victimless Leather, that featured a mad scientist looking creation that was keeping handful of living mouse stem cells alive on top of a miniature coat. Apparently, the museum found that the thing started growing like mad (perhaps into a new mouse?) and, after getting the okay from the artists, they decided it had to die. Here’s a bit:

…after checking with the coat’s creators, a group known as SymbioticA, at the School of Anatomy & Human Biology at the University of Western Australia in Perth, she had the nutrients to the cells stopped.

Though she has said “I felt cruel when I turned it off,” [Senior Curator] Ms. Antonelli said in the more recent interview that it was, essentially, a simple decision tinged with a bit of regret. “It was the only piece in the show that was alive,” she said. “It really was an amazing piece.”

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