Khoi Vinh Chimes in on Yahoo’s Battle


An interesting take by Khoi Vinh on the “other” big news story of the week in his recent post “Design Couldn’t Save Yahoo.” It’s about how successful he believes Yahoo has been in being very diligent and creative in its design decisions, but in the end, it wasn’t enough to keep Microsoft at bay by becoming more of powerhouse. If you’re sick of the election stuff and you’re ready to move back over to this three way war between Yahoo, Microsoft and Google, it’s a great place to pick back up. Here’s some:

In what ails Yahoo, design is a non-factor. Neither search nor online advertising, the real battlefields on which Yahoo, Google and Microsoft spar, are meaningfully impacted by how very good is Yahoo’s design acumen. Looking forward, whether Microsoft is successful in its bid to own Yahoo, Google is successful in torpedoing the deal, or some other chain of events determines Yahoo’s fate, it seems unlikely that design will play a particularly pivotal role.