Kevin Roderick’s Growing Army

As we’ve been reporting, LA Observed is expanding from a one-guy operation and has been recruiting every known writer in Los Angeles to offer media musings. Gen. Roderick took a short break from the draft to answer a few FBLA questions:

Q: What’s the response been to the revamped site?

A: “I couldn’t be happier with the first days of the ‘new’ LA Observed. Just like you can’t judge a new restaurant until the kitchen settles in for a few weeks, it’s too early to tell what the site will eventually look and feel like. But reaction from readers has been effusive (though one regular
complained that the new content eats up too much of his workday.)

“The contributors are debuting at the pace I hoped for and all of them say they are loving the chance to blog for the LA Observed audience. There are more new blogs to be launched this week and other features and contributors coming over the next few weeks.”

Q: How does it feel to share the stage?

A: “It’s not that big of a change for me personally, because I still write and edit the main run of LA Observed (now christened ‘News & Chatter’), as I always have. The contributor blogs are unedited, though I offer guidance here at the start.

“There is no company or organization behind LA Observed. Writers receive no payment and they retain the rights to what they post. They were invited in with the chance to join in a growing and respected online voice of Los Angeles, and everyone who accepted told me that was a big part of the appeal.

“I’m not sure what it all means in the long run, but for now it’s a lot of fun to see the momentum build. “