Daily News Reporter Delivers Powerful Message in Oklahoma

Keri Blakinger's productive return to society made her a perfect choice for this weekend's "Criminal Justice Reform Plenary."

KeriBlakingerTwitterProfilePicWe’ve read a lot of personal website bios over the years. And certainly, the one belonging to New York journalist Keri Blakinger (pictured) gets an A+ for originality:

(As written by Keri’s dog, Charlotte)

In December of 2010, my owner – Keri Blakinger – got arrested with six ounces of heroin during her senior semester at Cornell University. Thus, she left me for two years to go to the human pound. (However, I suspect that she still feels guilty about deserting me and so I use my come-hither-and-pet-me eyes to coerce her into extra pets, walks and table scraps. I have her wrapped around my little paw.)

After serving almost two years in county and state correctional facilities, my owner is back on the outside and working on a witty, insightful and generally awesome memoir called IV League. When not memoiring or blogging, Keri works for The New York Daily News. Keri also has a wonderful set of opposable thumbs that I find extremely useful for opening doors to take me out…

Blakinger was in Oklahoma City over the weekend to participate in a panel discussion at the annual conference of the National Foundation for Women Legislators. Joining her on the Sept. 13 “Criminal Justice Reform Plenary” stage was State Rep. Pam Peterson, who championed a new law going into effect this fall that will allow judges to impose shorter sentences for a variety of non-violent crimes.

Per a report by The Oklahoman’s Rick Green, Blakinger, whose productive return to society is a powerful message in support of such initiatives, is also well aware of just how lucky she was to have been arrested for possession in the relatively liberal county that is home to Cornell University:

“If I had been arrested one county over, I could have easily done 20 years,” she said.

Check out Whitaker’s Daily News contributions here. On her aforementioned website, she also curates Criminal Justice News.

[Photo via: @keribla]