Kent Brownridge Throws Down The Gauntlet to Rolling Stone, Spin

Maxim/Blender honcho Kent Brownridge is highlighting Blender‘s circulation boosts by joining the Audit Bureau of Circulations’ Rapid Report system… and is stirring up the pot for Rolling Stone, Spin and Vibe in the process.

In an interview with Advertising Age‘s Nat Ives, Brownridge calls his competitor’s biannual circulaton reports “pathetic” and “wimpy”. Besides, you gotta pander to those advertisers!

“It’s not something advertisers might want,” he said. “It’s something that they absolutely do want and they have absolutely been clamoring for. It’s absolutely something that irritates them that they don’t get a straight answer on and they don’t get uniformly through our industry.”

Both Time Inc. and Condé Nast are ambivalent about switching to Rapid Report (which gives near-real time magazine circulation info) from their current biannual system.

Brownridge is transferring Maxim to Rapid Report as well.