Kimmel Follows Fiery Twerk with Sochi Wolf

Score one for Inside Edition. The syndicated news magazine is being credited with spoiling, by a few hours, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel‘s newest fake-viral-video prank.

From a write-up by Kansas City Star reporter Lisa Gutierrez:

Inside Edition reports that a video shot by American luger Kate Hansen of a “wolf” prowling the halls outside of her Sochi bedroom was a prank.

Sandy Caligiore, a publicist for the United States Luge Association, tells Inside Edition that Kimmel created the hoax for his Late Night show. Hansen will Skype with Kimmel for the show that airs Thursday night, according to Caligiore.

With Jimmy Fallon stealing all of this week’s late-night talk show thunder, a competitor’s gotta do what a competitor’s gotta do. And of course, there’s already a Twitter account – @SochiWolf.

Update (February 21):
Here’s the video of Kimmel explaining how it was all put together. Ahead of appropriate first guest Jonah Hill, from The Wolf of Wall Street:

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