Emily Berl Photographs Karina Longworth

Setting the New York Times Styles scene.

Born in Washington, D.C., photographer Emily Berl (pictured) studied photojournalism and art history at Boston University and now makes her home in Los Angeles, where she freelances for a wide variety of high-end media clients.

For today’s New York Times Styles profile of You Must Remember This podcaster Karina Longworth, she took a vibrant shot of her subject at the wheel of a 1987 Mercedes. While Longworth’s podcast focuses on Hollywood film personalities and events preceding that make and model, Berl has snapped a range of more recent stars of film, TV and music.

Clicking through the Portraits section of Berl’s website, we were also struck by a photo of Pamela Anderson. The shot of Anderson seated on a bed was taken for an earlier 2016 New York Times feature but not ultimately used.

The photo of Longworth cleverly frames the subject matter of the Styles article. She is looking at herself in the rear-view mirror, a la “ready for my close-up Mr. De Mille.” And she is at the wheel of a prize of a kind that Hollywood hopefuls past, present and future all aspire to. Nicely done.

In print, the headline for Michael Schulman’s Styles piece reads: “The New Sound of Old Hollywood.” Online, the paper went with “Ghosts of Old Hollywood, as a Podcast.” Crowning both versions, a resonant view of KL in her SL.

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Photo by: Megan Miller

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