Karim Rashid Reveals True Colors (White and Pink)

She married a cheating bigot, palled around with a duplicitous golfer, and gave birth to a daughter that she hoped would grow up to be “a beautiful little fool,” but we can’t help but admire Daisy Fay Buchanan. Gatsby‘s crush knew the power of sartorial rigor: she dressed only in white. Such aesthetic ascetics are rare in the real world, but ever vigilant New York magazine has found New Yorkers “who wear only one color all day, every day (and it’s not black)” to feature in their technicolor-themed spring fashion issue. Among the five featured are four designers, including perpetually white- or pink-clad UnBeige favorite Karim Rashid!

Karim white and pink.jpgRashid tells of showing up in Rome in 1982 wearing all black, with pink hair. “But that was considered Fascist,” says the designer. “I had to tone down my dress.” His preference for white was cemented in 2000, when he found himself on a panel with nine architects and wore a white suit. “Everyone was wearing black except me,” he says. “I felt detached from the incestuous profession.” (Hmm. Perhaps that was Daisy’s rationale too.) And his fondness for pink, including rose-colored American Apparel underwear? “Sometimes I think it’s because my mother dressed me in pink when I was a child,” he says. “She wanted me to be a girl.” Finally, we get a glimpse into just how Rashid manages to keep his whites white. Three little words: Tide to Go. “If I spill red wine, I just rub it off,” he says. “I should write a book about wearing white.”