Karen Feld Loses Again

Remember the former kooky gossip columnist for the Washington Examiner who attends parties with a succession of dirty, fluffy purse-sized pooches? Well, Karen Feld (pictured at right with her questionably hygiened dog) is back, and it’s just as much of a circus as it always was.


AP‘s Frederick J. Frommer reports that Feld was back in court over what she claims was an assault she endured from her brother’s security guards. Her brother is Kenneth Feld, CEO of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. The court turned down Feld’s appeal Tuesday. She’s on a losing streak — she lost a multimillion dollar lawsuit against her brother last year.

The last time we heard anything about Feld was in June 2011, when a partygoer spotted her at a lobster event at Tackle Box in Cleveland Park. The guest said she was spotted there with her “overly medicated” dog. Before that, we ran into her at a 2010 WHCD brunch hosted by John McLaughlin at the Hay Adams Hotel. “Compari’s jealous,” Feld crowed at the time, referring to her dog, who didn’t get to be cradled in McLaughlin’s arms like another, perhaps cleaner, fluffy dog at the party.

Feld formerly worked for Roll Call and TWT.