Justin Rood Joins ‘The Blotter’ at ABC News

From here:

    Justin Rood leaves his post as a Washington reporter for the investigative Web blog, TPM Muckraker.com, to join Brian Ross & the Investigative Team at ABC News this week.

    Rood has reported extensively on recent congressional scandals, including exclusive details of the parties and poker games attended by lobbyists and Washington officials, including convicted former Congressman Randall “Duke” Cunningham.

    Rood was the first to disclose details of the closely held staffing of Dick Cheney’s White House office, revealing it to be one of the largest in recent times, including 23 national security aides.

    Before joining Muckraker, Rood covered homeland security and intelligence agencies for “Congressional Quarterly” and “Government Executive” magazine, where he broke stories on Pentagon domestic spying efforts and failures of the Department of Homeland Security to properly investigate terrorist threat of white supremacist and violent anti-abortion groups.