Justice Department Readies News Corp. Subpoenas

The long arm of the U.S. law is getting ready to reach out to News Corp. According to The Wall Street Journal, the Justice Department is currently preparing subpoenas as part of the government’s investigation into the rumor that News Corp. hacked the voicemails of 9/11 victims.

News Corp. has denied this allegation, and the company issued the following statement:

We have not seen any evidence to suggest there was any hacking of 9/11 victim’s phones, nor has anybody corroborated what are clearly very serious allegations. The story arose when an unidentified person speculated to the Daily Mirror about whether it happened. That paper printed the anonymous speculation, which has since mushroomed in the broader media with no substantiation.

The best part about the Journal’s story is the quote from a News Corp. source completely dismissing the subpoenas as “a fishing exhibition with no evidence to support it.” They better hope the government’s net doesn’t scoop up anything worthwhile, because if it does, it’s going to be one hell of a fish fry.