LA Comedienne Runs Interview Table

Much of the stand-up comedy world is in Montreal this week for the Just for Laughs festival. FishbowlLA was struck by one particular advance interview, given by LA based comedienne Maria Bamford (pictured).

First off, this gal really knows how to break the interviewer-interviewee ice. Having done her research, Bamford was quick to complement Montreal Gazette deputy managing editor Asmaa Malik on both a recent story about Facebook and the quality of the reporter’s tweets. There’s also this funny observation about the LA Times:

“I’m much more interested in you,” Bamford says, emphasis hers. “How’s it going at The Gazette?”

You mean with the whole “death of newspapers” thing?, I ask.

“I hate to bring it up,” she says. “Maybe I’m being cranky, but I like the paper. Things on paper. I read the LA Times, but the font keeps getting bigger. Soon it’s going to be one word on every page.”

According to Bamford’s website media page, the LA Times has yet to interview this rising local star. They better hurry, before they’ve only got room on the page for the word “funny.”