From the New York Post to the New York Tribune

Julia Dahl's second book featuring fictional tabloid doppelganger Rebekah Roberts comes out June 30.

RunYourDown_CoverOne-time New York Post city reporter Julia Dahl is on a roll with her series of novels featuring NYC tabloid journo Rebekah Roberts.

Invisible City, released in 2014, has racked up rave reviews and prestigious literary prize nominations. Run You Down, the second in the series, comes out June 30. And as Dahl recently told Sandusky Register reporter Tom Jackson, she’s working on a third and anticipates most likely at least one or two more narratives centered around Roberts’ New York Tribune journalism.

Dahl started out her career as an EW intern, where she made a key connection with future Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn. In the Register Q&A, she also revisits her 2007-to-2010 Post days:

“It was a very hard job, mostly because every day I was forced to make pretty complex moral decisions. Do I wait an hour to knock on the door of this woman who has just been informed of her daughter’s stabbing death? Or do I go right after the cops leave and make my editor happy because he’ll get a quote before our competitor?”

“I tended to err on the side of the former – I’ve always considered myself a human being before a reporter – which is probably why I didn’t last more than a few years at the Post. The job was also an invaluable learning experience. I became braver as a reporter, and as a person; I learned how to ask strangers intimate questions without being offensive; and I saw more of this city I love than I imagine most New Yorkers do in a lifetime.”

In addition to novel writing, Dahl currently covers crime as a freelancer for vertical Crimesider. She has also taught courses for our sister company Mediabistro.
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