Colleague Remembers the Day She Brought a Cockroach to Judith Glassman Daniels

Magazine industry vet Dominique Browning has blogged a wonderful tribute to Judith Glassman Daniels, a former managing editor at Life, New York magazine and The Village Voice. Daniels passed away in Maine over the weekend at age 74.

Straight out of Radcliffe, Browning got an internship with Daniels to help build out Savvy, a New York magazine insert aimed at executive women. The apartment Browning had found was so overrun with cockroaches that the painters resorted to playfully painting over the insects as they scurried. Later, when Browning took her first-day seat at a desk conjoined to the one occupied by Daniels, the insect problem reared its ugly head once more:

I folded my good college girl camelhair coat across the back of my seat and with professional aplomb placed my bag on top of my desk. A giant cockroach crawled out of it, and scurried over to Judy’s side.

I froze with mortification. Judy coolly, quietly, quickly slipped off her shoe, never missing a beat in her phone conversation, and that was the end of that.

Wow. Is it any surprise that after an introduction like that, Browning and Daniels went on to become close, lifelong friends? During their most recent time together in Maine, Browning says Daniels had “her usual file folders stuffed with ideas for stories for English Major magazine.” RIP.

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