Judge Overturns Former NY1 Anchor Dominic Carter’s Attempted Assault

Former NY1 political anchor Dominic Carter is working on rebuilding his life after an ugly tabloid-laced scandal. His 2009 conviction on attempted assault has been overturned by a state appeals court.

But for Carter, it’s a costly victory. The scandal led to his firing from NY1 and 19 days behind bars in February, 2010.

In October 2008, Carter was arrested after his battered wife accused the anchor of kicking, punching, and choking her during a fight at their home.

At trial, the Daily News reports, his wife testified that she was attacked–by a day laborer. The judge, however, called that “preposterous.” 

“Dominic is elated that justice has finally been done and his name cleared,” Carter’s attorney, Julia Kuan, says. “He is looking forward to resuming his career in journalism and contributing to the discussions surrounding politics in New York and around the country.”

The Daily News says the appellate decision was connected to a deal that Carter cut with the Rockland County District Attorney and was improperly pulled off the table.

Carter and his wife weathered through the media and legal scrutiny. The couple just celebrated its 25th wedding anniversary.

Last month, Carter’s road back to television took him to Rye Brook, and some guest appearances on RNN.

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