Ju-Don Roberts Named WaPo Universal News Desk Dep. Editor

Though our knowledge of the WaPo “Universal News Desk” is shaky at best, we are certain that Ju-Don Roberts will be the deputy editor. WaPo memo obtained by FBDC below:

We are pleased to announce that washingtonpost.com managing editor Ju-Don Roberts will be the deputy of the Universal News Desk, effective immediately.
Ju-Don oversees daily news operations at the web site and has played a key role in setting strategy for our web operations. Until wp.com moves downtown, Ju-Don will continue to manage the website while helping Sandy conceptualize and create a Universal news desk. Once the web operations move downtown, Ju-Don will also help oversee the Universal desk, which will become the editing nerve center of the new integrated newsroom.
Ju-Don’s management talents are well known. So too are her problem-solving skills and her knowledge of online news. She understands every facet of our web operation and how the Internet and Post journalism should intersect.
Prior to joining the digital team in 1999, she was an editor on the Metro copy desk. All this makes her an obvious choice for this position.