Joynt and Gray Dance in Q&A Cafe

Among the big takeaways in the Q&A Cafe this afternoon at the Georgetown Ritz where blogger and writer Carol Joynt interviewed presumptive D.C. Mayor-elect Vincent Gray was the dancing.  Despite heels and cable wires, Joynt got through it without injury.

Joynt told FishbowlDC: “At the end of the interview, when I brought up his love of “DC hand dancing,”  he asked me to dance. At first I was like, ‘Well, we’re wired to microphones’ blah blah blah, but then we unplugged, stepped off the stage, the crew fired up The Four  Tops, and we danced in front of the audience. What no one could see is that the floor was snaked with TV cables – which can be challenging in heels – but he’s a very good dancer and so we got it done.”