Journos Butter Up To Gibbs

At the Dem-friendly Capitol Hill bar Hawk & Dove last night (“Dems are back!” declared one attendee), Washington journos did their best to kiss up to incoming White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, during a reception held in his honor.

More than a few business cards were passed to Obama Team Members Gibbs, Bill Burton, Nick Shapiro, Tommy Vietor and Dag Vega, along with invitations to breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, drinks…you know, “whenever you can fit me in.”

There were plenty of questions about Obama going to Hawaii over the holidays from a press corps eager to have an excuse to go to Hawaii.

In the house: Karen Tumulty, George Stephanopoulos, Steve Chaggaris, Christine Delargy, Tammy Haddad (with TamCam), Anne Kornblut, Betsy Fischer, John Cohen, Jessica Yellin (fresh off vacation), Jim Jordan, Chip Reid, Jake Tapper (but of course), Sam Feist, David Schuster, Julianna Goldman, Mike Isikoff, Chris Cillizza, Mary Ann Akers, Betsy Fischer, Mike Memoli, Erin McPike and Maria Gavrilovic.

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