Journos Butter Up To Cheney

Besides the Roberts Gibbs party, last night’s other big event was a holiday reception at the vice president’s residence, which featured plenty of journos.

In the house: Greta van Susteren, Jim and Autumn VandeHei, Mike Allen, Jon Ward, Ed Chen, Sheryl Stolberg, Mark Silva, John Solomon, Dana Perino, Charles Krauthammer, Martha Raddatz, Tony Frato, Steve Chaggaris, Karen Travers, Susan Page, Carl Leubsdorf and Ann Compton.

The journo highlight? Seeing “Terrorist Fist Jab“-gate alumna E.D. Hill (formerly of Fox News) at the party. Although she spent most of the party hanging towards the fringes of the party with a female friend, she was later overheard telling Sen. John Cornyn how “people just need to learn English!”