Journos are Crazy for Candy

Journalists around town are giddy about CNN’s Candy Crowley, the newly announced host of the network’s Sunday morning show, “State of the Union.” She’s the only woman in a Sunday morning anchor chair. She’s the only woman to ever host the show.

Crowley told Mediaite’s Steve Krakauer that she and current host John King are very different creatures.: “…it’s going to be organic and we’re doing it on the fly, obviously because I’m going to be in the seat next Sunday. I think that our interview styles are different. I’m more of a laid-back sort of interviewer. …I’m more casual in some ways. Journalists go after news, what’s important. I don’t know how I would make that my own, but management made it really clear they don’t want Candy to do John’s show, they want Candy to do Candy’s show. So we’ll see. Hopefully it will include some writing, some journalism I did during the week. Because I will be keeping my day job.”

Read the full Mediaite interview here.

Mother Jone’s David Corn had a “no comment” tweet on a comment from @pourmecoffee: “Congrats to Crowley. I repeat my wish she marry @DavidCornDC, become Candy Corn & embrace it like a Superhero.”

CongressDaily’s Erin McPike tweeted on Sunday: “Thrilled Candy Crowley got CNN’s State of the Union. Good for CNN!”

The Washington Examiner’s “Yeas and Nays” also wanted some Candy. “All people that whacked the weeds of the forest so that I was able to walk,” Crowley said of landing her new position.

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