Journo Says D.C. Politics Has ‘Worn Him Down’

Today is Harper‘s Ken Silverstein’s last day on the job as Washington Editor.

The long-time political writer is moving on. He explained over e-mail, “Washington and Washington politics has worn me down. Every time I write a story I feel like I wrote it a year ago and five years ago and 10 years ago. Nothing every changes here.”

Silverstein, who moved to Washington in 1993 and has been covering Washington politics ever since, got a fellowship at Open Society Institute and will also lead special investigations at a London-based group, Global Witness. His work for both will center largely on long-term international investigations. “Which is what I like to do best,” he said.

He will still be based in Washington, but will travel for work.

Silverstein has worked at a number of publications that have included: LAT, the AP in Brazil,  Mother Jones, Washington Monthly, The Nation, Slate, and Salon. No doubt he’s looking forward to doing more investigative reporting. In 2008 he remarked, “As punditry has replaced muckraking as the profession’s highest calling, undercover reporting has been abandoned as too embarrassing and undignified.”

Congratulations to Silverstein. FishbowlDC wishes him well.