What Journalists Are Saying About Updates to TweetDeck

Yesterday, Twitter announced updates to the TweetDeck app on all supported platforms, which includes its web app, Chrome, Mac and Windows.

TweetDeck announced the updates in a blog post:

“This update makes TweetDeck easier to use with design enhancements, personalization options and the addition of several frequently-requested features.”

According to a Los Angeles Times article, this is “TweetDeck’s first major aesthetic change since being acquired by Twitter early last year.”

So what about these new features?

The new TweetDeck updates include the option to switch between a dark background and a lighter background as well as the ability to change the size of the Tweet font.

In its blog post, TweetDeck also mentions updates it’s made since launching a new version last December “built on a framework that helps [TweetDeck] develop new features and integrate … feedback.” I won’t list all the highlights here, but feel free to check out the post.

What I am most concerned about is how these updates have improved the experience for journalists. Since this “new look” was created to improve the user experience, I wanted to see what TweetDeck/Twitter power users, AKA journalists, thought about the new updates. Scanning Twitter, here are some of the responses I saw to the updates.

USA TODAY social media editor Mary Nahorniak:

Reuters columnist and social media editor Anthony De Rosa:

BuzzFeed social media editor Mike Hayes:

Nieman Lab assistant editor Justin Ellis:

Former 10,000 Words blogger and current Wall Street Journal social media producer Elana Zak:

TechCrunch columnist MG Siegler:

If you have complaints about new TweetDeck or you want to make feature requests, Reuters’ De Rosa is putting together a list to pass along to Twitter:

Do you like, love or hate the updates to TweetDeck? Share your praise or complaints with us below.