Journalists…On Stage!

DCist writes up a nice review of “Born Yesterday,” a play that recently opened at the Arena Stage and that might be of interest to local journalists.

    Living in a city where indictments and cronyism are crowding the headlines, there’s something really satisfying about spending the night at the theater and rooting for the nerdy, idealistic Washington journalist to keep his integrity, get the girl and take the system down a peg in the process….

    The main players in Born Yesterday are the intellectual New Republic writer Paul Verrall (Micahel Bakkensen), the uncouth junkyard tycoon Harry Brock (Jonathan Fried), his bubbly but vacant girlfriend Billie (Suli Holum), his now-corrupt lawyer (Rick Foucheux) and the Senator he has in his pocket (Terrence Currier). Brock has come to D.C. in order to bribe away the legislation regulating his industry, but realizes his gilfriend’s crassness and stupidity won’t really fly in D.C.’s inner circles (he neglects to notice his own boorishness in the process). He hires Verrall, who has been pushing to do a Brock profile piece, to pull a Henry Higgins on Billie and teach her about politics and class.

    Billie’s sex appeal and upfront manner disarm the cynical reporter immediately…

Paleez…we’re not nearly that easily corrupted…mostly.