Journalism Online Sells To Printing Services Company R R Donnelly

Journalism Online has been acquired by R. R. Donnelly & Sons, a Chicago-based printing services company.

Financial terms of the deal, the AP said, weren’t disclosed.

PaidContent called the deal one that “makes sense.” “JO gets additional investment; RR Donnelley gets to skip the initial R&D phase of building one [a paywall system] that works.”

Journalism Online, founded by Steve Brill, Gordon Crovitz and Leo Hindery Jr., runs Press+, a system that publishers can use to wall off some or all of their news content. The Lancaster New Era uses it on its obituaries; a number of other smaller papers (and even student papers) also use the system. But, as paidContent reports, pressplus “couldn’t gain a foothold with the NYT and never broke through with a high-profile announcement that matched expectations or hype….But Journalism Online was able to stick fairly much to plan, methodically building a complex system capable of scaling and flexible enough to be used in a variety of circumstances for a wide range of sites.”