Joshua Topolsky Talks Digital Design

"We want things that aren’t just graphics, but a combination of everything we’re able to do."

American Journalism Review interviewed Bloomberg Digital editor Joshua Topolsky about how his team handles the intersection of news and design. Below are some highlights, but the entire piece is worth a read.

On incorporating graphics with breaking news:

The key is that no matter what aspect you’re looking at – text, images, video, graphics, interactives – we’re all making the same stuff. We have to be thinking about these teams as part of the same team. We’re all editorial, and we’re creating editorial products. It’s important to keep those lines of communication open for everybody.

What separates Bloomberg news pieces from competitors:

We’re able to pull some really interesting metrics. Not all our projects are based off data coming from the terminal, but I think we have access to a much wider collection data than most publishers. Even if we’re not using data specifically for a piece, we’re able to use it as context for the piece.

On the future of Bloomberg Digital:

So the first big thing is collaboration and increasing that and finding new ways to do things better – the other piece is breaking news. We can get better, faster, and smarter on how we bring data and interactive into a breaking news sphere. That’s something I’d like to devote a lot of time and energy toward.