Josh Tyrangiel, The Man Behind Businessweek

In the WWD profile of Bloomberg Businessweek Editor Josh Tyrangiel this morning we learn a lot of things about the man behind the magazine.

For one, everyone, and we mean everyone, likes the guy (including us, check out our Media Beat interview with him from last May). For Matt Winkler, Editor-in-Chief of Bloomberg News, meeting Tyrangiel was “love at first sight.” Norman Pearlstine, who brought Tyrangiel aboard, said he showed promise early on from his days at Time:

What I saw was somebody who had been able to get the respect of a lot of very senior people within Time magazine and the Time Inc. organization. He was part of a new breed who understood both digital and print.

It also seems like Tyrangiel understands what Businessweek needs to attract a bigger audience:

What I’m trying to figure out is, how can we interest them? It’s this real balance between being comprehensive, making sure we prepare them for everything that’s coming in the week ahead and taking them out of their comfort zone.

Despite the changes – the magazine is considerably more colorful and features are more focused than before – the numbers at Businessweek haven’t picked up just yet. But maybe Tyrangiel’s influence is just starting to set in.