Jorge Colombo Wears the Pants In This Post

When we casually inquired about the wardrobe choices of Mr. Design Maven in yesterday’s post, we didn’t think we’d get an answer, but none other than illustrator Jorge Colombo himself replied.

The figures plucked for the piece were from “The Dailies” a project wherein Colombo drew characters on the streets of New York from 1999-2003. Turns out the FedEx-clutching Design Maven was actually…a FedEx guy. “I saw and drew that FedEx guy on Union Square in 2003, writes Colombo. “Little did I know then what he really represented…”

And as for the question of what pants Colombo finds himself in, they are assuredly not the cargo variety: “Black Levi’s 550 (I don’t own any other kind of pants.)”