Jonathan Silverman is Big Man on NOLA Campus

Sometimes, it’s worth being reminded that once removed from a city of nightly Klieg light rentals and jaded denizen glances, perceived C-list projects and their makers can act as A-list purveyor’s of LA’s fundamental media message.

Case in point: Jonathan Silverman. The actor just wrapped his directorial debut, Dirty Movie II: The Student Film, in New Orleans, and as a result got a huge, flattering write-up in the Times-Picayune. Turns out the Crescent City has figured prominently in Silverman’s overall “education:”

“I got my first fake ID on Bourbon Street!” he admits for starters–a confession that comes with a broad smile suggesting other, unspoken firsts that might have followed. That was back when he was a teenager starring in a touring production of the award-winning Neil Simon play Brighton Beach Memoirs during its stop at the Saenger Theatre.

Silverman’s New Orleans imprint is growing larger by the day. He and his wife Jennifer Finnigan recently bought a house there, and just last week, she was offered the lead in Wild Card, a USA Network Vegas-set TV pilot that will be shot in, you guessed it, New Orleans.