Jon Peters Lawsuit Allowed to Proceed

On the biography page for unsuccessful 2010 California Senate candidate Brian Quintana (pictured), there is absolutely no mention of Hollywood producer Jon Peters. But now that Quintana’s attempts to unseat Barbara Boxer have passed, it’s once more all about Peters, whose many credits encompass the original Batman and next year’s Superman: Man of Steel.

Last week, Quintana successfully deflected an attempt by Peters to have part or all of his wrongful termination and sexual harassment lawsuit against the producer dismissed in California Superior Court. The details of the original November 2008 motion by Quintana and January 2009 countersuit by Peters are suitably salacious, but what caught our attention was this typo in the Beverly Hills Courier.

In a sworn declaration, Quintana says Peters gave him the title of senior vice present of Peters Entertainment, the company the producer uses for doing business in the entertainment industry.

“Senior Vice Present”… Hmmm, that actually has a nice ring to it. In fact, other flamboyant Hollywood bosses may want to adopt the term for those members of the team that they like to have in the room, but otherwise hate to give any real responsibility to. Meanwhile, Quintana says he is currently exploring a second run for the California Senate.

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