John McCain Plays Ten Little Indians With the Traveling Press

13390133-13390138-slarge.jpgWe told you a few weeks ago how John McCain’s press plane had quite suddenly found itself without room for Maureen Dowd, who by certain coincidence was in the process of penning a not-so-flattering column on the introduction of Sarah Palin. Well looks like MoDo will have some company. Seems Time‘s Joe Klein has also been given the boot (maybe if he changed his last name to Plumber?) even though there were apparently empty spaces on the plane last week. Per Politico:

“I rode with McCain during the primaries, but not since I asked him — at a June press conference — whether he really believed Ahmadinejad was the ‘leader’ of Iran, since he has no control over foreign policy or the nuclear program…That was when they suddenly told me that I hadn’t called in time to get secret service clearance. (I had called more than a day in advance.)”

Klein has been an increasingly harsh critic of McCain these last few months, however, he also points out that this is the first time this has ever happened to him including the time it was revealed that he was the author of Primary Colors, “I was even allowed — I won’t say welcomed — on the Clinton plane in the summer of 1996.” If nothing else McCain and Palin appear to be making a lot of Clinton critics nostalgic for the nineties. For his part, Andrew Sullivan thinks it will one day be considered a badge of merit, though in the current news cycle ‘someday’ is actually the equivalent of next month.