John Maeda Stands Up for Frank “The Leakster” Gehry


By way of Archinect, we learned that John Maeda is standing up for Frank Gehry, right here in this post on his site. As we reported a few days back, MIT, Madea’s employer, is suing Gehry for leaky pipes in his Stata Center. Instead of instantly siding with where his paycheck comes from, he’s taken a completely different route, saying how embarrassed he is by what he perceives is a pointless lawsuit, stating from the start, “Architects are not plumbers.” Here’s a little more from his great response:

So, as my alma mater and employer MIT engages in suing an architectural legend and icon, I can’t help but feel it’s sort of like suing Picasso for a bad painting or else like suing Paul Rand for a bad logo design. It’s sort of embarrassing from my perspective as a creative really. Sure I get the whole business perspective and all…but there isn’t a single day when I see people photographing the Stata Center due to its incredibly interesting and innovative forms/moments. Innovation is by nature a risky business — it’s something I learned from MIT.