John Henry Puts Telegram & Gazette Back on the Auction Block

Employees at the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, the other major paper included in the recent John Henry-New York Times deal, grumbled when their new owner quickly visited the Globe newsroom but failed to simultaneously greet, meet them. Now we know why.

Per a report this afternoon by Telegram & Gazette reporters Bob Kievra and Aaron Nicodemus, Henry told the paper’s employees he has put the paper back up for sale in hopes of finding a more locally connected Central Massachusetts patron:

“I think it’s important for the Telegram & Gazette to be under local ownership,” he told a gathering of the newspaper’s staff in the newsroom this afternoon. “I have been talking to local people who have expressed an interest. There’s absolutely nothing imminent…”

“I think you need a local owner,” he said. “A local owner can sit down with advertisers, readers and community leaders, and ask for their support. I’m looking for someone with tremendous energy, and a passion for this newspaper.”

If successful, this may foreshadow the kind of deal that will happen when the Tribune Co. newspapers are sold. There has been speculation that a wealthy buyer could very possibly turn around after a deal and similarly try to jettison some or most of the newspapers in the portfolio.

Henry said the re-sale will only happen in early 2014 if he finds the right buyer. He also apologized to T&G staff for taking this long to speak with them.

There are some rather interesting comments coming in to the Telegram & Gazette announcement. Read them here.