John Cook Returns To Gawker, Yahoo Is On The Prowl

Gawker_9.22.jpgAn interesting little bit of news… John Cook is leaving Yahoo to return to his old stomping grounds, Gawker. Andrew Golis, editor of Yahoo’s The Upshot blog, made the announcement today on his personal blog, noting that Yahoo is currently searching for “two new bloggy thoroughbreds to join the stable of amazing reporter/bloggers we’re building at The Upshot.” The reason Cook is supposedly leaving back to snarkier pastures? “…He decided that he prefers the license Gawker gave him to add his opinions into his reporting to the scale and credibility Yahoo! News could offer.” Burn?

Anyway, if you’re on the hunt for a bloggin’ gig as either senior night affairs reporter or a night blogger, Yahoo’s hunting for you with all the scale and credibility it takes to woo you away from your personal Tumblr.