Former Aerosmith Manager to Boston Magazine: Dream On

JoePerryRocksCoverWhile the first couple of article commenters are questioning the evidence presented by former Aerosmith manager Steve Leber, the editors of Boston magazine are convinced. They’ve changed the online headline of their original October issue article featuring an excerpt from Joe Perry‘s new memoir Rocks: My Life In and Out of Aerosmith and posted a correction that will also appear in the December print issue’s Letters to the Editor section.

Leber wrote in to adamantly deny the insinuation, in the excerpted book passage, that a framed copy of a check referenced by Perry suggested his firm had been directly paid proceeds from a Concert for Bangladesh. Leber sent Boston magazine a copy of what he says is the correct check – made out to the concert organizers – and took the publication to task:

I’d like to set the record straight and wish you had called me to check the facts before you printed the piece, which essentially calls me a crook and accuses me of stealing from a charity. A copy of the check Joe Perry refers to in the article is attached. As you and your readers can see, it is not made out to me, as Mr. Perry asserts, but it is, in fact, made out to United Nations Children’s Fund for Relief to Refugee Children of Bangladesh.

Additionally, Frank Connelly was one of my very best friends in the business. I was the head of the music division of the William Morris Agency, and when I signed artists to William Morris, Frank was the first one to help me break out new talent — from Bill Cosby, a new comic discovered at the Gaslight Café, to Simon and Garfunkel, discovered at Gerde’s Folk City.

The rest of the letter is pretty interesting. Leber explains how he helped negotiate a deal that reverted Aerosmith’s catalog back to the band and Leber-Krebs in 1992. Something most other groups he writes could only dream of.

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