Jobs Of The Day: Rolling Stone, Be A Sports Yahoo, More

Is it just us or are the job ads just flooding in these days? It may be a seasonal, use-up-the-end-of-year budget thing, but with the encouraging job numbers earlier this month we are inclined to believe that the end (of the recession) is near.

Anyway, since there are so many out there, we’re going to try to compile these lists more often, but do check the boards on your own, because there’s more than we can possibly cherry-pick here.

Rolling Stone wants an Integrated Marketing Director.

Sports Writer at Yahoo! Sports.

Executive Editor at Scholastic’s newly-forming Middle School Math Intervention program.

Artist at the AP.

Digital Media Sales Representative at Linux Journal.

Community Manager at Medill School of Journalism.

Account Executive at Morris Visitor Publications.

Communications Manager at CBS Interactive.

Many positions open at the AAAS.

Web Communications Specialist at the Smithsonian-affiliated Connor Prairie Museum.

Part-time Web editor at

Communications Manager at E*Trade.