Job Search Scam, Dead Ahead!

flickr: nick_russill.

You thought you were submitting a resume, but you were really signing up to be robbed.

According to, online job seekers risk being scammed, having their identity stolen, or other nasty things that happen on teh Interwebs. We feel compelled to point out that most of these scams are too good to be true, and rational thinkers can usually avoid them—but then, that’s why scammers are preying on job seekers. After a few months of being out of work, desperation starts to kick in and rational thought sort of goes out the window.

So really, do yourself a favor and think before you act. In particular:
1. Beware of Immediate Offers – most “start working right away!” “jobs” are envelope stuffing sort of things, which besides never making as much money as the people selling this stuff say it will, is often just a phishing scam in disguise.

2. Never Pay Money Up Front in Order to Work – This one’s a no-brainer. Don’t pay for a “startup kit” or think you’ll be wired a check back through Western Union a week later.

3. Guard Your Personal Information – Don’t give your SSN or credit card numbers out to an “employer” over the ‘Net.

4. Always Ask to Meet in Person – If they don’t have a physical address and/or you can’t meet a rep in person or over the phone, be afraid.