Job Placement for Paralegal Dental Assistant Designers!


We’re still huge fans of what they’re doing over at smashLAB’s ideasonideas. Consistently terrific, witty articles and intelligent discussions about all the important things that need talking about. And this post from the other day is no exception: “The Erosion of Design Education.” In it, Eric Karjaluoto rants and raves about how many resumes he gets in and how ill-prepared most of these fresh faces are for the design world. It’s a big time truth that you don’t really read about much. We’ve had a lot more experience in the film/broadcast world, but it really is the same there too. Schools just churning out these poor kids who don’t have a clue about actually making something marketable, but can recite dialogue from Peter Greenaway films. Here, Karjaluoto talks about how this happens, about how schools are creating utterly unemployable, unskilled graduates. If you’re of this age, or have children about to enter this world of deceit, take heed. Here’s a bit:

The reason that this topic is so ripe for me today, leads back about eight to ten months. At that time, I was contacted by the community college in my hometown, to answer a series of questions regarding the New Media and Design program they were looking to restructure. I advised them to narrow the offering of the program, concentrate on fundamentals, and court a new faculty for the program. I felt that this would help them access the expertise needed to in fact deliver on their mandate.