Job Interview Lies Hiring Managers Tell

From “you’ll hear from us this week” to “we’re all about work-life balance,” Bloomberg Businessweek has compiled the top 20 whoppers hiring managers tell candidates.

The lies are not necessarily told out of malice, but ignorance or optimism leads to some serious Pinocchio faces. So as a jobseeker, you need to learn to read between the lines and tell truth from fiction.

Know, BB says, that “you’re the first candidate we’re talking to” could mean just that or it could mean “don’t expect the process to move quickly.”

“We’re going to hire someone to help you next quarter” means don’t hold your breath.

Worst, “There were no viable internal candidates” might mean that the job was so awful, nobody who knew what it was like wanted it.

For more, check out the original piece.

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