Job-Holders Hold Tight; Job-Seekers Get TV Show

A new study by HR consulting firm Towers Watson finds predictably grim attitudes among workers riding out the recession, with many reporting that they are staying in jobs they dislike and seeing little opportunity for advancement or higher pay.

More than half of the 20,000-plus employees surveyed said they saw no free rungs for climbing the ladder where they currently work, according to the Wall Street Journal. From the article:

Meg Montford, a Kansas City, Mo., career coach, says people are also more fearful of looking for outside opportunities. While the job market has improved some, potential job hunters are spooked from seeing friends and family lose their jobs, and instead are staying put, she says.

“Employees are overworked and underappreciated,” Ms. Montford says, adding that in gratitude for even having a job, employees are willing to tolerate more workplace discomfort.

Yeesh. Looking for work may be grueling and demoralizing, but a few young job-seekers are milking a bit of fame from it. Variety reports that MTV will air MTV Hired, a reality show about college grads looking for work. The show debuts May 6.

Sounds better than this Onion headline: “New College Graduates To Be Cryogenically Frozen Until Job Market Improves.”