RIP: Joan Rivers

ShutterstockJoanRivers2011With this afternoon’s sad news that Joan Rivers has passed away, we turn to the FishbowlNY archives to pay tribute to a force of comedic nature. We covered Rivers quite a bit over the years and it is our sincere hope that in the Great Beyond, she and Johnny Carson can finally make peace. Here are three favorite coverage memories:

1) “Joan Rivers Remarries Gay Couple

Our most recent item involved Rivers ministering the marriage of a male couple. It was well-intended, during a book-tour stop on the west coast. And then, made officially legal at the Plaza Athenee New York.

2) “Joan Rivers Tells Johnny Carson It Still Hurts

This is probably our favorite of all Rivers-related FishbowlNY items. It’s one of several we wrote about her Tonight Show falling out with Carson and showcases a posthumous, heartbreaking conversation she conducted with her comedy mentor at a park in Burbank, CA.

3) “Lunch at Michael’s: Joan Rivers, Deepak Chopra & The Today Gang

Not so much recently, because of Rivers’ insane work schedule. But earlier in the history of our “Lunch” column, Rivers was frequently spotted at Michael’s. Here, columnist Diane Clehane explains the significance of a surprise birthday party celebration.

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@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.