Do Jim VandeHei and Brian Stelter Have Mental Telepathy?

How cringeworthy.

In NYT‘s Brian Stelter’s story on Politico owner Robert Allbritton acquiring Capital NY today, he interviews the venture’s new President Jim VandeHei.

We’re not sure which is worse. Stelter asking VandeHei a truly softball question and acting like it’s anything more than that, or VandeHei reading his mind

From the story:

Capital New York is in some ways an embryonic version of Politico: with a small staff of seven that hustles to break news on political and media beats, it has begun to establish itself as a competitor to New York’s newspapers and niche publications, at least among a core set of news fiends. But its rivals have far bigger staffs, and New York is arguably a much tougher market to break into than, say, Washington was for Politico.

“I know people will say it’s so crowded and competitive there,” Mr. VandeHei said, predicting a reporter’s question. “But I don’t think the areas we seek to own — the politics and policy of City Hall and Albany, media etc. — are as well-served as some might think. I fully anticipate we will make quite a splash with our hires and unique approach.”