Jim Knipfel: The Interview

0325slackjaw.jpgAlthough David Blum‘s doing a top-notch job resurrecting the New York Press brand, we’ve written before about how much we freakin’ miss the mid-1990s Mugger/John Strausbaugh incarnation of the paper.

Jim Knipfel, aka Slackjaw, was one of the NYP‘s best-loved columnists back then. He was unceremoniously let go in the early ‘aughts and (smartly) decided to focus on writing books. Of course, he still writes his Slackjaw column online as well.

We’re writing all this because Gothamist’s Dave Hogarty just interviewed Knipfel. Read about one of New York’s great literary eccentrics before rising rents and gentrification chase everyone interesting out of town and replace them with a bunch of insufferable investment bankers.