Jillian Reynolds Fills In the Blanks on Facebook

In the wake of yesterday’s latest Good Day LA shuffle, Canadian-born, LA-shaped Jillian Barberie Reynolds has posted additional information about her exit on Facebook. She wants everyone to know that she was not exactly sacked:

I wasn’t let go as in fired. In fact, FOX was trying to find something for me to do a few times a week. But the truth is I loved being on set. Teasing Steve doing celebrity interviews and working off script and ad libbing! It’s what I do.

I could not imagine doing any other role on that show after almost two decades!! They were hoping I would stay and do segments from the field of some sort but I told them I didn’t think it was a good fit. I love hosting. I just do!! My agent told them we weren’t interested. So…

Reynolds writes that this is an exciting new beginning for her, and FishbowlLA agrees. Up first she says is a TBA cosmetics line and HSN promo push. Beyond that, we think it would make sense on-camera for her to do something in the Chelsea Handler vein. Unless of course she prefers to stay more on the entrepreneurial side. We’ll be watching.

[Photo of Reynolds after a second, recent trip to the firing range courtesy Facebook]

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