Nick Beef is Alive, Well and Living in Manhattan

“Who is Nick Beef?” For years, that question – relating to the mysterious, capitalized ground-gravestone next to the one in Fort Worth, Texas that reads OSWALD – has mystified both the media and JFK historians. No longer.

Dan Barry, who writes the “This Land” column for the New York Times, laid it all out over the weekend. His findings are deservedly being picked up left, right and center, although he frames it somewhat more modestly:

This scoop may not definitively link Castro, the mob and the Central Intelligence Agency to the Kennedy assassination, but, hey, it’s something. And to prove that he is who he says he is, Mr. Beef reaches into a small satchel and pulls out a contract from 1975 for Burial Plot 258 in the Fairlawn section of Rose Hill ($175), as well as a receipt from 1996 for the purchase and installation of a granite stone to be engraved NICK BEEF ($987.19).

Mr. Beef, 56, is a writer and “nonperforming performance artist” with a penchant for the morbid, he says, who has never done stand-up comedy — an important point. He says that Nick Beef is a long-held persona; his given name is Patric Abedin.

Somewhere up above, Andy Kaufman and Tony Clifton are smiling down on this belated acknowledgement of Abedin’s alter ego. Abedin decided to finally reveal himself ahead of the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination. Who knows? Perhaps all this media attention will lead Abedin back to the realm of “performing performance artists.”

Read Barry’s column here. Among the many other fascinating details is that fact that 56-year-old Abedin occasionally used the gravesite name, also, as his byline for freelance humor writing contributions!

[Image courtesy Dignity Memorial]