Report: Jezebel About to Lose Its EIC

Just the other day, we told you about Jezebel founder Anna Holmes heading to Fusion TV. Now, there are rumblings of a much bigger operational change.

According to a report this afternoon by BuzzFeed’s Myles Tanzer, editor-in-chief Jessica Coen is set to step down from those full-time duties. When reached by Tanzer, she would not confirm, but she also definitely did not exactly deny:

“My husband, mortgage and cat are all in Chicago,” Coen added. “I’ve been flying to New York near-weekly for 18 months now.”

“And as much as I love those late nights spent looking for a power outlet at LaGuardia, the commuter lifestyle has lost its charm. So I’m looking ahead and we’re talking to people. But as for an actual plan, there isn’t one yet.”

Tanzer says New York magazine columnist Maureen O’Connor was offered the EIC position, but declined. Perhaps Coen will switch to some sort of regular contributor schedule as part of a Chitown adjustment. Read the rest of Tanzer’s item here.

[Photo via @jessicacoen]